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Tiktok Video Downloader

So you saw a video on your tiktok feed? You wonder how to download it into your computer to an MP3 or an MP4 video file? You came to the right place! Our Tiktok video downloader lets you download Tiktok videos in a few seconds! Just copy the Tiktok share Url into the box, click on Download and it's yours!
TikTok ( is gold for people who love making funny clip sync videos. From keep save it, this video-sharing app has slowly and steadily raised the bar with light entertainment using short videos. When such hilarious videos tickle your ribs, you can share them with your family & buddies. Save tiktok videos without watermark.

Detailed Steps

1) Gets the video link URL in Tiktok. e.g
2) Paste the copied URL in the URL field above.
3) Click the download button.
4) View the downloaded file.

Is It Available On Android And iPhones

Download videos to your all devices like pc, computer, mac, phone, iPhone or Android.
Yes, Android nad iPhones can be easily used in common browsers such as Chrome. Chrome browser is recommended for the best download experience.